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Meet Sam and Keith.


Sam avallone

Sam’s love of games began at age 6 when he started playing Pokemon cards. He enjoys tinkering with games, tweaking them until they’re juuuuust right. Now with a BFA in 3D animation he creates graphics and video content for PLAAY NOW, as well as contributing to the development of games he loves playing. He’s also still catching them all.

Keith Avallone

Keith Grew up in the FIRST “golden age” of board games— before XBoxes and iPhones. When he was a kid, playing board games is what they did for fun. Some of those games still get to the table, even after all these years: Dealer’s Choice, Dungeon, Pro Draft, and Thunder Road to name a few. Keith has always found a soothing comfort in the tactile sense of cardboard, paper, and plastic game pieces.



PLAAY NOW is taking a new approach to game design and publication. Instead of all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaigns and large-scale print runs, our games are home-grown, hand-crafted, and community driven. Our PDF focus allows us to get games into your hands immediately, and by assembling our printed products from a host of local print shops we’re able to offer a balance of high quality components and quick production turnaround. With an ever-expanding lineup of fun, fast-playing games designed to offer great solo and head-to-head experiences, we aim to fill those small holes in your game shelf and play schedule that few other titles can.


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