Fury Football Base Game

Fury Football Base Game


In a crumbling future where concrete and smog cover the country, football remains America’s pastime.

Evolved to satisfy the frenzy of its audience, the game has grown faster, harder, and more brutal. With precious contracts and salaries on the line, teams do whatever it takes to bring home the victory. This is the future. This... is Fury Football.

Assemble your league and watch as teams square off to be crowned the Fury Football Champion. Manage a team of your own to see if you can take it to the top. Play either solo or head-to-head against another player and compete for victory and glory. The possibilities are endless with Fury Football and your new, unique sports universe.

Included with the base game:

-One Game Board

-Two Offense Boards

-Two Defense Boards

-Four Playcalling Cards

-Four 21-card teams

-Three six-sided dice and one twenty-sided die

-Three marker pawns

-Rules booklet

-Game box and sleeve

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