Twisted Fate: Cowboys vs Aliens - Base Game Digital

Twisted Fate: Cowboys vs Aliens - Base Game Digital


Strange tracks have been been popping up near the town, and one thing’s for sure... whatever made ‘em ain’t from around these parts!

Twisted Fate: Cowboys VS Aliens is a deck and dice adventure game that builds a story as you play. Assemble your posse of cowboys and hunt down the alien menace threatening the town. Arm yourself with the tools for the job, and adapt your strategy for each unique threat. If the creature reaches town or grows too powerful all will be lost! It’s up to you to save the day!

Included with the game:

  • 12 Cowboy cards

  • 24 Resource cards

  • 8 Alien cards

  • 1 Game board

NOTE: You will need 15 dice (6 of one color, 5 of one color, and 4 of another), 16 small tokens (8 in two colors), and two pawns or markers to play this game. Game components are not included with digital downloads.

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